Pittsburgh Doula Network: Postpartum Doulas

Pittsburgh Doula Network: Postpartum Doulas


Need help when the baby comes home?

The joy and elation of having your new baby in your life is often accompanied by a mixture of other feelings. Labor and delivery can be physically and emotionally draining and can cause you to feel unprepared to face the unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming experience ahead of you. But, ready or not, baby is here! Since 2000, we have offered postpartum doula services as well as lactation consulting, in home childbirth education classes, and much more!

It is not unusual to have awe, confusion, happiness, self-doubt and anxiety all at once. You may also feel that there is not enough time in the day, or enough energy left for you to do the things that once were a routine part of your life. Sometimes you will need a little tender care and pampering yourself…

Having a postpartum doula allows you to bring your new baby home to a relaxing environment where you and your family can be sensitively cared for as you recover.

Doulas are experienced mothers who understand a new mom’s needs

  • Rest so that you can heal
  • Gentle reassurance and education as you gain confidence
  • Attention to basic family needs—meals, sibling & pet care
  • Help with practical chores such as light housekeeping, laundry and errands, so you concentrate on regaining your strength and getting to know your baby
  • 24-hour in-hospital breastfeeding support
  • Prenatal at-home help for women on bedrest
Lactation Consultants
Baby with mother.

Pittsburgh Doula Network has IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) available for private in-home visitation. Some common reasons for a lactation visit:

  • Baby not latching well
  • Sore/cracked/bleeding nipples
  • Sleepy baby at breast
  • Increase a low milk supply
  • Managing engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis

Lactation Consultants are also available as part of our Breastfeeding Bootcamp package, where they will spend an 8 hour day with you, supporting you at each breastfeeding session plus provide all the helpful duties of a Postpartum Doula.

Private Childbirth Education In Your Own Home:

Childbirth Education (Lamaze) is an effective way of increasing confidence by teaching you how to deal with the process of labor and birth. The goal is to provide education, which will help you achieve the safest, most rewarding and empowering birth experience possible. The class will include the following information but can be customized to include your preferences and questions.  Classes can be tailored for first time moms or for moms that have already given birth.

  • Early labor and when to go to the hospital
  • Stages of labor
  • Labor pain and coping with pain
  • Comfort measures
  • Medication options
  • Labor positions
  • Communicating with your health professional
  • Pushing: directed vs. gentle
  • Creating a birth plan
  • Breastfeeding basics

Infant Care Education can help prepare families to confidently take care of their new addition. Our class will cover normal newborn behavior and appearance and will allow you to practice diapering and swaddling. We will also discuss comforting your newborn, safe sleeping, bathing, and feeding options. We are happy to include other topics such as baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding/pumping and explaining any baby items that you are curious about how to use upon request.

Breastfeeding Preparation Education will provide essential information on what to expect during the first few weeks and beyond. We will discuss how to get breastfeeding off to a good start immediately after birth, positioning and latch, common hurdles and solutions, and pumping and bottle feeding.


Sibling Preparation is a fun way to get your child ready for his/her new sibling! We will read a story about a new baby joining the family, practice assisting with diapering and feeding (with a life like baby doll) and talk about what behaviors are normal for an infant and also how to safely interact with a baby.

Please contact us for more information.

The Pittsburgh Doula Network specializes in postpartum doulas.

If you’re looking for a labor and birth doula, please visit our sister group Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh.

Note: Doulas provide non-medical care. Please consult your health care provider for medical advice.

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