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Sunny Spaces Organizing has a passion for helping moms live life with more control and clarity! We believe that life is meant to be lived fully and that you should spend more time doing what you love! We also know that life can be messy, chaotic, and often stressful.

Being a mom means a lot of responsibilities fall on you.

The professionals at Sunny Spaces help you recognize your core organizational stressors and come up with solutions to remove them from your life, allowing you to live more in the moment! We help you assess what is needed versus what is excess and gently help you purge the latter. We work with you and your family to create a system that everyone can help maintain, ensuring it lasts!

We are living our dream lives and want you to experience that too!

Close your eyes and imagine that you know where everything is. Getting out of the house in the morning is a breeze because backpacks are ready, lunches are packed, clothes are picked out. The evening dash is more relaxing. Dinner menu is planned, meals are prepped, pantry is organized. Family calendar is updated, so Dad knows when to pick up your youngest from practice. Your weekends are filled with adventures and fun. Gone are the days spent worrying and reorganizing clutter. In fact, you even sleep more soundly at night, because the weight of the chaos is lifted from your chest. Open your eyes…ready to make that vision a reality? Check out the services Sunny Spaces offers to help you live your dream life!

We offer assistance with:

  • Home Organizing: from one closet to your basement, garage, or attic. We will help you reach the goals of each space, putting in a system that you can maintain for the long term!
    • We love to help with the daily areas you use most: your pantry, your bathroom. We look for ways to give you more time back. A more efficient routine. More order. A system.
    • Organizing doesn’t have to mean purging. We know that your belongings are important to you. We take care to ensure we know what matters most and will only encourage you to let go of what is truly excess.
    • We will work at your pace, knowing that this can be an emotional project for so many.
    • We work in 3-4 hour sessions and can work side by side with you or more independently, your preference!
  • Virtual Home Organizing: This is for those who are motivated to do the task, but do not know where to start. We connect over video calls to understand the struggles, your goals and from there create step by step guides for clearing the clutter once and for all! You execute with our guidance at your pace.
  • Moving Services: We will help you organize and pack up for your move as well as unpack and get organized in your new home.
    • Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Sometimes you are just too busy and don’t know where to fit it into your schedule. Moving can be a stressful time.
    • We will pack up any and all rooms of your home, but leave the heavy lifting to the guys with the truck.
    • We will help you unpack and make sense of what should go where in your new home. This will help you get settled faster, making your new house, truly feel like home.
    • We can help with it all, or just the parts you don’t want to tackle, your call!
    • We can also make recommendations for donation and junk removal, ensuring you only bring what you love to your new home.
picture of organized baby nursery
  • Baby Planning Services: knowing what to register for is overwhelming! Let our experts guide you to the products you need for your baby and your lifestyle.
    • Let us just say, how are you supposed to know what your baby will need or want when you haven’t met them yet and you’ve never been a parent before?!?
    • With nearly a decade of experience working in the baby industry, our experts know all about the products and as moms we know what you actually need.
    • We will meet with you to get to know who you are, what you like to do, your style, and what is important to you and the lifestyle you lead.
    • From there we create a completely customized product guide for all the things you will need to keep your baby healthy and happy and keep your lifestyle going.
    • This helps you put exactly what you want on your registry and removes hours of research and stress of deciding on your own!
    • We are happy to help you organize your nursery too, after you are showered with all the amazing gifts!

At Sunny Spaces, we know that life is hectic and imperfect, yet you should be able to live in every moment. Do not let excess clutter or busy schedules hold you back from living the life you dream about.  Sunny Spaces always offers complimentary consultations to see if we are a good fit and for us to show you how we can help you take back your life!

Erikka Maddamma, Owner of Sunny Spaces Organizing

Sunny Spaces Organizing is owned by Erika Maddamma, mama to son, Kaleb (2). She has had a passion for organizing for as long as she can remember and loves to help others. As a child she would re-organize her closet just for fun! Her upbeat attitude is sure to motivate and inspire!

When she is not organizing, Erika enjoys soaking up the sunshine, reading, practicing yoga, and hanging with friends by a campfire! She often makes trips back to New England, where she grew up, to visit friends and family. Erika and husband, Nick, also enjoy taking trips to the beach whenever possible! The Maddamma Family lives North of Pittsburgh and enjoys life in PA!

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