Accupuncture & Pregnancy: Get Relief Now from Common Symptoms

Accupuncture & Pregnancy: Get Relief Now from Common Symptoms

Pregnancy comes with a long to-do list but taking care of your body is a top priority (and after baby comes don’t forget about yourself either). When it comes to controlling some of the most common pregnancy woes like morning sickness and headaches, many people RAVE about the benefits of acupuncture. Scientific research agrees. It says that acupuncture may help ease many of the common aches and discomforts of pregnancy.

Acupuncture is a healing art that originated in China thousands of years ago. When an imbalance occurs it blocks the flow of vital energy within our bodies. During acupuncture, a practitioner inserts hair-thin needles through the skin at specific points to correct imbalances and restore health.

Wondering if it works?

Researchers have found that when the needles are inserted, twirled or electrically stimulated (known as electroacupuncture), the nerves are activated. That in turn triggers the release of natural chemicals within the body, including endorphins, which block pain signals and may help relieve a number of pregnancy symptoms.

Benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy

Many people link treatment to the relief of symptoms including heartburn, swelling in the legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, other back pain, headaches and morning sickness.

Acupuncture during pregnancy is considered safe and has few risks when treatment is provided by a licensed professional. Most risks associated with acupuncture are fairly minor such as soreness, redness or bruising at the insertion site.

Always consult with your OB or midwife before seeking any new treatment.

Christopher Stevens, LaC provides acupuncture at Live Well Wexford. He made his way into the field of medicine after earning a B.A. in ExerciseScience from Capital University. He then obtained a Masters of Acupuncture at The American Institute of Alternative Medicine.

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