Baby Brain Emotion Study – University of Pittsburgh

Baby Brain Emotion Study – University of Pittsburgh


Baby brain emotion study: Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are studying the ways in which infants’ emotions are connected to areas of the brain and how parenting behaviors might affect these connections. Researchers hope their findings will lead to a better understanding of emotional problems in children in the future.

Are you the mother or caregiver of an infant who is 0-3 months old?

If you are a mom or caregiver who is age 18 or older and spends at least two hours a day caring for an infant who is 0-3 months old and was born at or after 37 weeks weighing 5.5 pounds or more, you both may be eligible for this study. Compensation provided.


After an initial phone call to find out if you and your baby are eligible to participate, you will have 5 visits during your baby’s first 18 months of life. Some visits will take place in your home, and some will take place at the research facilities. Mothers/caregivers will complete interviews and will be filmed playing with their child. Infants will have two MRI scans while sleeping. MRI scans are not invasive and do not use radiation.

Participation includes three research visits, 2 MRI scans. Compensation provided.

University of Pittsburgh Baby Brain-Emotion Research Study
Call: 412-667-8719

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