Healthy Products for Baby and Your Family

We are constantly developing new products for baby and the places they roam. From everything that touches baby (lotion, diapers, shampoo, cleansers, sunscreen) to products that allow baby to touch the world they’re discovering (wipes, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, surface cleaners); our mission is to empower parents to protect, nurture and instill the spirit of adventure as they raise the next generation.

We only create products with purpose.

We actively review the latest scientific research. We listen to what you need and want to see more of. And because we’re parents too, we’re always inspired by how our own babies explore the world (bonus: when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, chances are we’re already awake!). Simply put, everything we make has a purpose. Nothing exists “just because.”

What inspires a new addition to the Babyganics family?

The Latest Research

Thanks to the pediatricians, dermatologists and other hands-on practitioners in our extended family, we’re always tuned in to the latest scientific research. If a new study reveals a better way of doing things (or something we should avoid), we want to know about it—and we want you to know about it, too.

Personal Experience

We’re parents ourselves, so like you, we’re constantly amazed by our babies and the way they explore the world. That can lead to some pretty incredible what if…” and “a-ha!” moments when it comes to our products.

Community Feedback

The families that make up the Babyganics community are our greatest resource (and our reason for being!), so when it comes to product development, you better believe we’re all ears.

We founded Babyganics on the idea that all babies should have the freedom to explore their surroundings, wherever they may be. When this big idea started to take off, we decided to make our passion our purpose: to fear less and discover more. We know that curious babies are happy babies, so we set out to develop products that would allow babies to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the world around them, no matter how messy they might get in the process.

Babyganics is now at all Giant Eagle locations throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area!

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