Hey Baby! 4D Ultrasound Studio

Hey Baby! 4D Ultrasound Studio


Pregnancy is such a special and exciting time in your life, and there is no better way to capture this moment in life than with a 4D or HD ultrasound! With these life-like photos you can get a sneak peek of your baby’s facial features and watch live as your baby smiles, stretches or sucks his or her thumb. We have several packages to choose from and can do ultrasounds as early as 8 weeks of gestation up until birth.

Hey Baby! Ultrasound Studio opened in 2014.

Our 3D/4D/HD ultrasound studio is here to serve the
expecting mothers of Greater
Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. 

You are welcome to come and have an intimate setting with just Mom and Dad or feel free to bring up to 15 people to share your experience with you. We have a large viewing room with a comfy sectional and even a kids table and chalkboard to keep any little ones entertained. Little ones are always welcome and we love to have fun with them and show them the images of their new brother or sister.

All of the Ultrasound Technologists at Hey Baby! 4d are board certified through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Jennifer, the owner and lead tech, has over 20 years of experience in ultrasound. Jessica, Sarah and Marissa have at minimum of 6 years of ultrasound experience.

Personally, we are all Moms with little ones and love remembering how exciting this time of life is. We want you to see your little one and watch all his or her movements that you have been talking about. Have you said to yourself, “Wonder what this is?” when you feel something pushing on your belly? We can show you! Have you ever thought, “ What is going on in there?” We can show you! It is such a fun and emotionally bonding experience here at Hey Baby! 4d.

Please feel free to message us, text us or call us with any questions. I will say, texting and messaging sometimes gets the quickest response. We also have the option for you to book your appointment online. So, you can check what we have available and see what will fit with you and your family’s schedule.


A lot of people ask when they should come visit HEY BABY!  That all depends what you want to see!  Here are some sample images throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

9-13 weeks: Come see your Bump Baby for the first time!​

15+ weeks: Want to know the sex of your baby?  Come anytime after 15 weeks!


14-20 weeks: See your whole baby in one shot.  Facial features are not clear yet.​

21-28 weeks: Facial features are starting to become defined, and you’ll still see a majority of your baby in one image.​​

29-32 weeks: This is the ideal time for a 4D or HD session.  Your baby’s facial features are very defined, and they are the perfect size for viewing.

​​33-36 weeks: Even though your baby is nearly full grown, we can still get quality images. Just think of it as more of a “close-up” session.​

​37+ weeks: At this point, your baby is typically head down and running out of room! 4D and HD imaging is not impossible, but cannot be guaranteed.


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