Physical Therapist in Pittsburgh: Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness

Physical Therapist in Pittsburgh: Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness


Rebecca Meehan, PT is a physical therapist with specialist training and experience in pregnancy, pelvic and core health, and movement. She works with women (and their families) at all stages of their lives to help them be strong, healthy, and confident. What are your health and wellness goals? The Embody PT mission is to help you meet them and be your best! Learn more about how Embody can help you during and beyond pregnancy.

Things Moms ask or are concerned about:

  • That I’ll never be the same after birth
  • That I’ll be leaking or running to the bathroom forever.
  • That  I will always have “Mommy Tummy” /Diastasis
  • That sex will never be the same
  • That I will always have back/hip/neck/pelvic discomfort or pain
  • That I won’t feel strong and “together”
  • That I won’t feel energy
  • That there is something wrong with me because I have not returned to the gym/running/activity, or I have, but I don’t feel good!
  • My pelvic floor is not ready for delivery

The Embody PT approach is tailored to meet your goals and needs; providing expert one-on-one physical therapy, strengthening and improving mobility through physioyoga classes, and pelvic floor and core care during pregnancy and postpartum. All ages. All genders. All stages of life. We’re here for you.

What we want you to know:

  • Creating and nurturing a baby, birthing a baby, and raising a child is an INCREDIBLE feat!
  • Your body has undergone amazing changes. It has learned different ways to move during pregnancy, and can change again AFTER pregnancy
  • Pelvic or episiotomy pain, weakness and leakage are common but NOT normal!
  • That we have answers and solutions to your concerns and issues.
  • We help you prepare for pregnancy, recover from childbirth, and restore your strength, movement, and confidence!
  • It’s NEVER too soon or too late! First birth or sixth…Embody PT helps you to be strong and feel well

Moms-to-be and moms are special and deserve specialized and expert care to help you during pregnancy and after! Rebecca is an expert in helping moms to be and new moms, during pregnancy,  the “fourth trimester” and beyond. 

  • Preparation for labor and delivery
  • Back, neck, and hip pain during pregnancy and after delivery
  • Pelvic Ring, SI, and Pubic Symphysis pain 
  • Urinary Incontinence (leakage). Common but NOT normal, and we have solutions before and after birth
  • Diastasis (DRA), abdominal, and core weakness. We guide you in your recovery and help you strengthen safely
  • Episiotomy and C-Section scar mobility and pain
  • Pelvic Floor and pelvic organ descent (prolapse)
  • If you have questions regarding healthy pregnancy, fitness, and prevention, or are experiencing problems related to pregnancy, including DRA, pelvic ring/SI, and Back pain, contact us for answers and solutions. Please know that if you have been told that you are “fine”, but you don’t feel that way, we are here to help you RECOVER and RESTORE.  Email us at 

You can read and learn more about why we advocate for new mom (and not new moms!) in this blog post.

Did you know that Rebecca Meehan PT WCS PYT is available to see clients on Saturdays and some evenings? We know that schedules are busy and do our best to help you take care of your self. To schedule a Saturday appointment or to inquire about after work appointments, please get in touch!

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