5 Essentials for Expectant Moms

5 Essentials for Expectant Moms

by Dr. Brie Kemp, Live Well Chiropractic, www.livewellpgh.com

  1. Build your birthing team.
    Would you run a marathon without training? No. Giving birth is a physically demanding and extremely rewarding experience. It is important to build a team around you to help prepare your body and mind. Feeling strong and capable are essential for a positive pregnancy.
  2. Stay active.
    Many moms will stop activity once they learn they are expecting for fear of causing harm. While some activities may need to be altered, activity is a key component to controlling pregnancy symptoms and having a successful delivery. Lack of activity can create unnecessary complications. Keeping the body balanced and moving with ease is essential.
  3. Quiet the chaos.
    Our society tends to dwell on the negative and give more attention to people with problems. So it is no surprise that your friends, family and doctors might tell you all about the problems they have seen, the complications someone had or the bad thing that happened to them. Stress and negativity affect a developing baby just the way a bad diet would. Encouragement is essential.
  4. Make your partner hands on.
    Our significant others want to help but they often don’t know how. It is important that they understand they have a big role. They are responsible for being your cheerleader and keeping chaos away from you. They want to help, so make sure you tell them what you need, how you feel, and what they can do. They are excellent teammates but bad mind readers. A partner who participates in the process is essential.
  5. Accept the change.
    Your body will look different. Your energy level might not get you through your to-do list. You might be out of your comfort zone. It is normal and okay, so be okay with it. Embrace the changes and challenges. Adjust your priority list. The world won’t end if the laundry waits while you take a much needed nap. This will be good preparation for motherhood when your wants and needs will change.

Remember: Loving yourself is essential!

Article by Dr. Brie Kemp, Live Well Chiropractic, 141 Wexford Bayne Rd., Wexford, PA 15090. Call 724-940-3900 for information on how Dr. Brie and her team can help improve your prenatal experience and provide important care during postpartum for healing. Visit www.livewellpgh.com to learn more.

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