7 Steps To a New You (or How the Right Bra Can Change Your Life)

7 Steps To a New You (or How the Right Bra Can Change Your Life)

By Judy P. Masucci, Ph.D.

I’ve been fitting women for bras for twelve years, and can say authoritatively that most women are wearing the wrong size. What many women don’t realize is that sore shoulders, irritated skin, or an aching back can often be relieved by a properly fitting bra. Even if you aren’t experiencing physical discomfort, you might notice your shirts bunching or gaping…this, too, can be caused by an ill-fitting bra.

Especially for a woman with a large bust, the right bra can literally change your life.  So I’ve put together 7 quick tips to help you revitalize your girls and give you renewed lift.

1) Cup Size Has No Meaning

 When getting a bra your cup needs a band size for it to be meaningful.  In other words – not all C’s are created equal.  A 32C has a much smaller cup than a 44C.  And a 32C, 34B and 36A bra will all have the same cup size. So don’t focus on the letter.  Focus on how the bra fits you.

2) It’s all About the Band!

Since our culture tends to talk more about the cup, I want to make sure I really emphasize the band part of a measurement!A properly fitting band is crucial because more than 90% of the support from your bra comes from the band. The larger your breasts are, the more important it is that your band fits properly.  

3) Wear It Snug.

Often, women look for a looser band because they don’t want to show any back fat or bulging skin around the band. But if the band is too loose, the bra rides up and the breasts droop down. To get proper support, you need a properly fitted band, even if that means a little back fat. Your band should fit snug so that it stays in place when you move.

4) How Low Can You Go?

Your bra band should rest so the bra is slightly lower in the back than the front. Is your bra digging in or poking you?  Try pulling your band down just a smidge in the back – you’ll be amazed at how good it feels. (Remember – to get it to stay there, you may have to tighten it a notch or two!)

5) Never Compromise On Your Band.

Unfortunately, many stores carry limited size ranges. This means they’ll often try to fit women into a larger band just to get a large enough cup for their breasts (remember, the cup on a larger band will be larger than the same letter cup on a smaller band).

A woman should never compromise on band size. There are plenty of women with a large bust and small band–just ask my customers who wear 34K or 30L.

6) Seams Are Your Friends.

Even if you’re wearing the proper bra size, you might not be choosing the right style for your breasts. Molded, seamless cups are a great choice for a totally smooth shape, and work great under t-shirts or thin material.

However, for many women, molded cups are not the best choice. With a molded cup, the bra has it’s own shape – and your breast either fits it, or it doesn’t.  With a seamed bra, the bra will conform to match the shape of your breasts, instead of the other way around, giving you that va-va-vivacious shape you have been craving.

This is me with a seamless bra (before) and seamed bra (after) – it looks like I lost 20 lbs – but all I did was to change my bra!

7) Get a Professional Bra Fitting.

Bras are such an important part of our wardrobe as women and nearly 80% of us are wearing the wrong size or style. Finding the right bra (especially after your body has gone through changes like pregnancy, nursing or weight fluctuations) can put an end to your evening sprint to change into your pajamas after work. Because there are so many options (and no matter what size you are, you do have options), it’s important to find a knowledgeable bra fitter who will give you personalized attention.

Judy Masucci is a Ph.D. Scientist turned Bra Fitting Expert.  She lives in Wexford, PA just north of Pittsburgh, where she operates the regions only woman-owned specialty bra boutique, Levana Bratique. Judy has been fitting women in great bras for over 12 years, both virtually and in person. She specializes in hard to find sizes, carrying over 150 different sizes of bras. Often referred to as the “bra whisperer,” Judy has made it her mission to change lives – one bra at a time.

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