What are Early Intervention Services? Get the Support You Need Early

What are Early Intervention Services? Get the Support You Need Early

Early Intervention services are provided to children ages birth to 3 who show signs of a delay in an area, or areas, of their core development. The services are provided in the child’s home, with their family, parents, and caregivers present, who are coached to support the child to meet those critical milestones.

Schedule An Evaluation

Identifying developmental delays in the earliest years of brain development is pivotal to a child’s development; securing early intervention services could potentially eliminate the need for special education services later in the child’s life, and families are encouraged to reach out as soon as they are concerned about a potential delay. Monitoring developmental milestones is something that both parents and caregivers, in conjunction with the child’s pediatrician, can do. All children develop at their own pace, but parents are encouraged to schedule an evaluation with their local service coordination unit if they are concerned.

Trust Your Gut

You may wonder what would signal the need to make a call to have your child assessed for early intervention. Oftentimes, the signs are clear: your child is delayed in holding their head up, not making eye contact, not crawling or walking, not forming words, eating solids, or meeting any of those other important milestones babies meet in those first few years of life. However, never underestimate the importance of your ‘gut feeling’ as a parent or caregiver; if you feel like something just “isn’t right”, reach out and get the assessment; at the end of the assessment, your child will either get the support they need from early intervention, or you will have peace of mind that everything is moving along in the right direction. Remember, there is no cost for the evaluation, or for the early intervention services, and you can (and should!) choose your early intervention provider!

Track Your Child’s Developmental Milestones:

By 2 months does your child:

– Respond to loud noises; hold head up when pushing up on tummy?

By 6 months does your child:

–              Hold their head steady when held; coo and make sounds, or bring toys to their mouth?

–              Grab things that are in reach, show affection for caregivers?Make vowel sounds (“ah”, “oh”), or laugh or make squealing sounds?

By 12 months, does your child:

– Respond to their name? Crawl, stand when held, use single words like “mama”, and point to things to bring your attention to them?

By 2 years, does your child:

– Use 2-word phrases like “want drink”, copy actions seen and words heard, follow simple directions and walk steadily?

All Children Develop At Their Own Pace

Remember, all children develop at their own pace; if you are concerned, schedule the evaluation today and CHOOSE Achieva Early Intervention as your provider.

Getting your child the support they need is easy!

Reach out to Achieva Early Intervention today! We are here to help.

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Other Early Intervention Services

Call your local service provider to schedule an independent evaluation:

Allegheny County: Alliance For Infants & Toddlers, 412-885-6000

Washington County: Washington County Human Service, 724-228-6832

Westmoreland County: Westmoreland Casemanagement & Supports, 724-837-1808

•             If, at the completion of the evaluation, your child qualifies for early intervention, tell your service coordinator you CHOOSE Achieva Early Intervention to be your provider.

•             Once you choose Achieva Early Intervention, we will work with you to schedule your child’s first session as soon as possible.

Article provided by Achieva Early Intervention, 412-995-5000, achievaearlyintervention.org.

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