Maternity Wear Must Haves

Maternity Wear Must Haves

Maternity clothes were hard to find when I was pregnant but it wasn’t until AFTER having my baby that reality hit. I went back to work when my baby was just four weeks old and versatile, stylish clothing with discreet nursing access was impossible to find.

Today there are tons of choices for new moms regardless of whether you want clothes for during your pregnancy, after or both. Anyone who’s read a fashion magazine has heard the term “Capsule Collection” but when you’re pregnant and/or nursing, this is a great way to look at your wardrobe.

So where do you start? Below are some styles I highly recommend to keep you in style thru your entire pregnancy and beyond. Nursing access a must!

5 Must Haves For Mamas:

1.  Little Black Dress, A-line…preferably.  This is perfect for any occasion and great to wear on it’s own with a ballet flat, platform sandal or even a flip flop on super hot days. In cooler months, wear it layered under a jacket along with your favorite boots or under a blazer paired with a smart 2″ heel back to work.

Designer Tip:  Make sure it hits above the knee and has enough fabric to drape over a pregnant belly. V-neck is a must for discreet nursing access or easy pumping after lunch.

2Leggings–get a few!  First, pick up a couple sets in black. They’ll go with absolutely anything and come in handy after delivery when you need something soft and comfy to slip into. Grab another set in a fun print you can pair with the dress above or wear with a long tunic and a knee-high leather boot for a quick casual look.

Designer Tip:  Look for leggings with a wide waist band to give extra support during your pregnancy and to tuck that belly in after delivery.

3. Tunic- length top—again get two! A longer tunic length top looks amazing over a pregnant belly. It can slim you down and give you a sleeker look especially if you wear it with a pair of the leggings above. After delivery, it will keep that added belly weight hidden and deliver on style long after your baby arrives.

Designer Tip:  Make sure this tunic has discreet nursing access. Get one in a bright color to lighten your look after delivery and get one in black, of course.

4.  6 bras… at least… and a nursing tank or two. Your rib cage will grow as your pregnancy progresses and you’ll find yourself crying for comfortable bras to wear by your 30th week. After delivery, your cup size will increase and your rib cage will shrink so make sure you invest in multi-cup-size bras that adjust to your ever changing shape. For nursing tanks, buy them long enough to wear during your pregnancy and make sure the fabric is stable and soft enough to wear to bed so you can escape your bras at night.

Designer Tip:  Be sure to invest in wire free bras regardless of your cup size and never buy the ones with difficult snaps, hooks or clasps. You’ll be holding a baby most of the time and fussing with a snap or clasp after nursing is a nightmare. Same rule goes for those nursing tanks.

5. Bottoms with an elastic waist band. Nab a soft straight skirt with an elastic waist band for your spring delivery and a narrow pair of
boot cut yoga pants if you deliver in winter. Make sure both are cut straight so looser, longer tops look balanced paired with them. These will save you on the days when getting dressed is challenging.

Designer Tip:  Look for soft fabrics that stretch and move with you so you feel comfortable during and after delivery.

Comfort is everything when you’re pregnant or after you’ve had a baby but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Final Designer Tip:  Be sure to purchase ethically made, eco friendly brands that will protect the planet. You have a new baby coming and you want them to reap the rewards of a healthy planet twenty years from now. Finally, enjoy these years cause they really do go fast.

Article written by Germaine Caprio, Owner & Designer, MAJAMAS,

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