Packing Your Delivery Bag for Labor

Packing Your Delivery Bag for Labor

Article by UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital.

Packing your delivery bag for labor and delivery? When it comes to prepping for your baby’s big arrival, it’s a good idea to start packing your maternity bag a few weeks in advance.


• Hairbrush
• Toiletries such as lotion, lip balm, toothbrush, sanitary pads, deodorant,
hair ties. The hospital will have many of these items, but feel free to bring
your favorite body wash, lotion, or shampoo if you’d like.
• Snacks and drinks (maybe juice if you prefer)
• Comfortable socks and slippers to keep your feet warm
• An extra blanket and/or pillow for comfort
• Phone charger and phone
• Glasses if you wear them
• Comfortable clothes, maternity bras, underwear, pajamas, and shoes
• Going-home outfit for baby
• Photo ID and any necessary paperwork
• List of medications Nice-to-haves:
• Items to help you relax: Books, magazine, puzzle, earbuds
• A small table fan
• A cozy robe
• Nursing cover-up
• A white noise app on your phone to help with relaxation
• Eye mask

These are just a few ideas for packing your bag for labor and delivery – we’d love to hear your ideas!

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