Sleep Tips for Baby

Sleep Tips for Baby

Sleep tips for baby article provided by Little Snoozers, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants

  1. SAFE SLEEP – Safe sleep is the most important aspect when it comes to a baby and sleep!  Always put a baby on his/her back on a firm crib or bassinet mattress.  Besides your sweet baby, all you will want in the crib or bassinet is a tight-fitting sheet.  No blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, etc.
  2. DARK ROOM – A dark room will help your baby produce melatonin, the natural sleep hormone.  You will want a dark room for both naps and night sleep.
  3. WHITE NOISE – A sound machine set on white noise will help block “outside” noises, whether they are in the house or outside the house.   The white noise will give a constant flow so that your baby will be able to rest his/her brain and sleep more soundly.  The volume should not be loud, nothing more than the volume a fan would be.
  4. COOL ROOM – Optimal sleeping temperature for babies is between 68°-72°.  It is important that they are dressed appropriately so they do not get too cold or too hot.  They should have on one more layer than you have on, which will typically come in the form of a sleep sack.
  5. EARLY BEDTIME – Don’t be afraid of an early bedtime! It is important to respect your baby’s biological clock and need for sleep.  Despite what it may seem, an early bedtime does not mean an early wake time. Sleep begets sleep!

Little Snoozers pediatric sleep consultants know firsthand what it’s like to have a baby or child that won’t sleep.  That’s why we are dedicated to providing personalized sleep plans and one-on-one support to help your family achieve your sleep goals!  Based in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Canada, our consultants have helped families across North America become better rested.  Now let us help your family get the sleep you deserve!

Learn more about Little Snoozers and how they can help you and your child get some rest with sleep tips for baby! Phone, Skype, Facetime and Email consultations are available.

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